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4 Ways To Create Confidence On A Date

April 18, 2017

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A Woman's Guide To Mature Dating On Tinder

October 25, 2017

As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. If you feel like being single again is a new chapter in your life, you may want to try a new way to fish for the perfect date. Tinder isn't just for young people, there are plenty of quality individuals seeking either a fun night out or a great person to connect with. We've scoured the social sea to compile 5 guidelines to help you swipe right for your dream date on Tinder.


1. Plan for right now instead of for the future.

When you're browsing through the list of potential candidates, set rules to keep your expectations in check. For example, swipe on aspiring dates you're willing to meet with that night. Let your instinct guide you - if there's no spark to start, there likely won't be a flame.


2. Unless it's what you're looking for, weed out the ones who only want a one night stand.

You may not want to be in a dedicated relationship right now but you probably also don't want to be considered a side of meat either. Ask what they find attractive in women or how they envision an ideal night to be and evaluate his answers. Conduct an interview of sorts to see what kind of man he is and how you'll expect to be treated if you go out together.


3. Don't get hooked on a match because he seems ideal.

If he seems too good to be true, he just may be. It's not always the case but the purpose of Tinder is to cast a wide net in hopes of catching many different fish. Don't let yourself be limited by one chance when there are so many other opportunities waiting to be explored. Just have fun and let your enjoyment define whether or not to go on a second date.


4. It doesn't have to be today but don't wait forever to meet a match.

When you match with someone, you may want took get together that night. If you don't, there's certainly no rush but avoid letting weeks go by before an encounter. If he's really not that interested to go on a date, let him go and find someone whose interest is a little more immediate. Tinder isn't about taking time, it's about taking advantage of impulsive opportunities.


5. Let go of anyone who is not within your realm of dating prospects.

Tinder isn't about weighing your newly found freedom with drama or unwanted attention. It's about having fun and meeting the kind of people that interest you. If you find yourself in the limelight of a Tinder match that just won't take the hint, don't drag things out by letting him down gently or explaining yourself. Let him go and move onto the next swipe.


Tinder is a great opportunity to ease your way back into the dating cesspool. It can be used for finding meaningful relationships or it can be used as a fun way to go out with someone new and interesting. Either way, it's a way to relax and help you transition into that new chapter!

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