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4 Ways To Create Confidence On A Date

April 18, 2017

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5 Ice Breakers To Heat Up Your Conversation

May 12, 2017


When you get back out in the dating world, it may be difficult to start the small talk and get the conversation going. Fortunately, there are some creatively easy ways to break the ice and keep things interesting at the same time! These five questions can give you entertainment, insight, and a lot of room for conversation during your date.


What would you do if you won the lottery?


Would you buy a house? Invest? How about going on a vacation? This is a great conversation starter as it focuses on one of the core foundations of a good relationship - responsibility. How would you spend your money? How far in the future do you plan financially? Where do you hope to be when you're older? This question is a fantastic way to gauge the kind of person you're getting to know and is an interesting hypothetical scenario that will give you plenty to talk about!


What is your passion in life?


This may be a generic question but it's a great way to open the door for new and interesting topics. If your date's passion lies in photography, you can talk about all of the amazing places he or she has visited or would like to visit. If your passion is in literature, you both could talk about your favorite authors and most cherished stories. This is an easy way to see if you connect on interests and if those interests are worth exploring.


Where would your ideal vacation be?


This question is great if you want a lighthearted topic to start the evening. This can also give you insight on the depth of someone's imagination. For example, you can both try the following exercise: describe your ideal vacation in as much detail as possible for your date and try to get them to see it from your point of view! This question is also a great lead-in for topics involving places you've traveled, cultural discussions, and favorite stories.


What is your idea of a good time?


If you're looking for an ice breaker that can go in almost any direction, this is the question for you! Since this question is vague, it can imply whatever you like. Whether a good time means a hobby you enjoy, your ideal night on the town, or something more nefarious, this is definitely bound to spice up your date with some fantastic conversation starters.


Who's the person in your life that you admire most?


Discover the depths of your date with this profoundly simple question. You may want to keep this question on retainer if you're not sure your date is ready for a potentially deep conversation but it is a wonderful topic to find out just what traits your date values and admires in a person. For example, if your date admires a parent the most, you can likely expect similar a behavior and personality. If he or she admires someone famous, they may have ambitions similar to that person or aspire to live in a similar way.


Although these five questions are enough to get any conversation started on a good note, use your imagination! Feel out the date, get an idea of how the flow of conversation might be, and think of a creative question that might help you learn a little more about the person you're trying to connect with. What kind of topics have you had on dates? What topics did you like best and which ones do you hope to avoid like the plague?


Did this help you calm your butterflies and enjoy the dating experience? Want more tips on how to make dating fun and exciting? Follow the Modern-Day Juliet on Facebook at

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