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4 Ways To Create Confidence On A Date

April 18, 2017

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4 Ways To Create Confidence On A Date

April 18, 2017



Even if you're no novice to the world of dating, your first time meeting someone can still invoke that feeling of having butterflies stuck in your stomach. And for those seasoned singles who are getting back into dating, it can be even harder finding your footing. If you're biggest barrier to new romance lies in the first impression, here are four ways you can create a confident one on your first date.


Start on the outside.


Treat yourself to a fun makeover with a fresh, new look for your single self! Whether this means a new wardrobe, hairstyle, or just a relaxing mani-pedi, pampering yourself is the first step towards inspiring confidence in how you look and feel. It may not seem like much but these small changes can brighten your mood, add a pleasant glow to your skin, and a gorgeous smile on your face, so don't be afraid to give yourself a treat!


Work your way inward.


Once you've revitalized your outward appearance, it's time to turn inward and reflect on your fears and hopes. Meditation is a great way to achieve this – Just take a half hour out of your day and devote to relaxing your mind and soul. Then, focus on what you have to offer and what your strengths are. If you emphasize having a more positive mindset going into the date, you will be more comfortable to let things happen naturally and let your personality shine.


Go with the flow.


The next step in confidence is to truly make yourself open to dating. This means tearing down any expectations or preconceived notions about what you need in the ideal date.  Don't worry about whether this person is Mr./Ms. Right or Right Now; instead, just evaluate whether or not you're enjoying yourself and if time appears to be flying by. Let the date guide itself and just enjoy the ride!


There's power in positivity.


A smile can make a world of difference in any encounter – and especially on a date. In its own way, a smile is a great ice breaker and invites connection. Make sure to start and end your date with a smile to leave a good first and last impression for the night. Another great way to inject positivity into your date is to release some endorphins. You can wear some vanilla or lavender perfume, eat a little chocolate, or even plan to take your date home for a romantic night. Be happy in the moment and if the sparks fly, then fantastic! If not, there are plenty of other opportunities to find your flame.


Did this help you calm your butterflies and enjoy the dating experience? Want more tips on how to make dating fun and exciting? Follow the Modern-Day Juliet on Facebook at! 


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