Ch. 1 – Peter Piper Pecker Puller

When I completed my lengthy online questionnaire for ... let's just call it I noted my background and said I was in search of someone refined and well-educated. I heard from politicians, marine biologists, a surgeon, an architect, criminal attorney, business owners and more. "Promising prospects," I thought. This dating thing might not be so terrible after all.

But here is just one example of my earliest of introductions to the world of modern-day, online dating.

I eased into my Monday morning with the typical ritual – a Starbucks blonde roast from my ever-loyal companion, Mr. Keurig. Good ol' trustworthy Keurig and I reflected back on weekend moments I enjoyed with some girlfriends and shared a couple of chuckles. Belly-laughing chuckles. After parting with Keurig to meet up with my morning dose of "The Today Show," I eventually navigated my way toward my laptop.

I flipped up the lid and clicked my postage stamp "" icon. Lo and behold, there are 10 new names for me to peruse, all with the same subject header: "Would you like to meet?" A new day... a new attitude. Let us try humor this morning, shall we? Join me as we take a look at today's prospects.

Hell. No.

Wait a minute. Hmm... interesting. This one has owned a physical therapy practice for 25 years. Stable. Twenty minutes from my house. Convenient. Attractive. William. Was married for four years; divorced for six. I wonder what happened.

Maybe William can serve up a serious driven personality to go along with a generous portion of humor? Let us see what this next adventure might bring. I have to admit, this whole cyber-dating thing is rather entertaining.

William and I started exchanging emails. They were cordial at first, then grew into very comfortable and welcome flirtations. He seemed like an intelligent, responsible human being. Then the texts began. A little deeper... I'm digging him already. I think it's time to meet face to face. Dinner downtown? Why, certainly. Sunday? Even better.

William and I met at a neutral place. My Switzerland du Jour was Starbucks right off the freeway. I had butterflies. He had become more beautiful to me during our texts. He showed a more vulnerable side than most men. We were able to discuss some meaningful topics, like caring for our parents and our country getting involved with affairs overseas. Who knew? I was not about to hold my breath, but let us see how this one plays out.

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